Creation from strategy not alchemy

Marketing opportunity drives everything. Viper identifies an opportunity via its own planning process. It works through an innovation module to look for categories of marketing complacency, referencing anthropological and social trends. The opportunity for the venture can be our own start-up, or taking a shareholding in an early-stage business already occupying the space we cherish.

Consumer media leverage as a catalyst

Viper understands all leading media owners’ strategic direction, and we marry our ventures to their audience, assets and categories of focus. We then utilise deep relationships and trading expertise with consumer media companies (from years in ad land) to drive the best commercial return.

Rigorous commercial grounding

Viper is interested only in building strong, systemic, high growth and highly profitable businesses with a differentiated edge. We will only develop a venture within a category that currently has retail sales or consumer value in excess of $1 billion.

Category star ensures the trajectory

Viper has an approach and culture that believes in partnering and the value of great teams. Whilst marketing led opportunities are our DNA, we respect that operationalising for success requires individuals and teams with best-in-category knowledge and experience. We look for people who are incredibly motivated and passionate towards their idea. They can see a new smarter way.They want to have fun whilst creating a business, do good and give back.